Nëse doni të blini shtëpinë e Al Kapones, ja si është ajo

Nëse keni 8 milionë dollarë, mund të blini këtë vilë, që dikur i përkiste bosit të krimit, Al Kapone.

Vila gjendet në Majemi dhe është restauruar së fundmi për t’iu përshtatur stilit të dikurshëm.

Kapone e bleu këtë vilë për 40 mijë dollarë në vitin 1928.

Mendohet se aty ai thuri planin për atë që njihet si masakra e Shën Valentinit.

Gjashtë mafiozë dhe një mekanik u vranë, mendohet me urdhër të Kapones.

Në këtë vilë, Al Kapone u kthye pas lirimit nga Alkatrazi.

Ai vdiq aty.




A view off the back of the pool cabana looking into Biscayne Bay in MiamiAs many 1920s touches as possible were kept on the home, including some original light fixtures and a red coral bridge over an outdoor pondCapone died at this house in 1947, after a nearly lifelong struggle with syphilis which left him with the mind of a 12-year-oldAl Capone's grandniece Deidre Marie Capone, 72, touring the mobster's former mansion on Palm IslandA walkway leading to the pool and a small beach area in front of the homeThe bathroom is seen in the pool cabana of the giant estateCapone and boxer Jim Braddock are seen at the Palm Island estate in the late 1920sMB America architect Monica Melotti said the mansion was falling apart when it was purchased, including rotting stucco outside and wood flooring beginning to cave inAfter the home was cleaned out, the new owners installed a new drainage system, replaced many beams and the roof, and put in a ventilation systemA giant chandelier is seen hanging in the home which now looks better than it ever has beforeThe new owners say the entire structure was brought up to code, including required hurricane protectionsThe home is protected by a 7-foot wall and heavy gate, and still retains Art Deco features such as fireplaces and ceiling lights dated to 1921Al Capone paid $40,000 for the mansion in 1928, and often spent the colder Chicago months thereThe new owners plan to rent the home out for photo shoots once the $1.75 million-dollar renovation is completedAfter Capone died in 1947, the home remained in his family until sometime in the 1970s, when it was bought by Henry Morrison, a pilot for Delta AirlinesThe estate includes a main house, gatehouse and cabana