Member of Bank of Albania’s Supervisory Council resigns

Adrian Civici, member of Bank of Albania (BoA)’s Supervisory Council, offered his resignation on Tuesday.

In a letter addressed to the Albanian Parliament, Civici explains that he resigns from the BoA Supervisory Council to pave the way for restructuring of the Bank of Albania.

The previous day Civici appeared in Prosecution to give his testimony in connection with the theft of 713 million leks (6.63 million U. S. dollars) from the bank’s vaults by an employee.

In another development, the Bank of Albania acting governor Elisabeta Gjoni appeared Tuesday morning in Tirana prosecution office to give her testimony in connection with the theft from BoA.

Meanwhile Monday Gjoni met with Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, Parliament Speaker Ilir Meta and President of the Republic Bujar Nishani to receive the necessary assurances in the light of her duty.

Bank of Albania (BoA) on Sunday proposed to the parliament the dismissal of Bank of Albania governor Ardian Fullani who has been arrested over a big amount of bank theft.