Fotot e rralla: Ja si ishte jeta në Moulin Rouge

Hapja e këtij klubi i dha një dimension tjetër jetës në Parisin e vitit 1889.

Shumë shpejt, “Moulin Rouge” u bë i famshëm në mbarë botën.

Ai u bë tempulli i muzikës dhe kërcimit.

Vajza të reja dhe bukuroshe vërshonin në kërkim të një pune aty.

Ato që performonin në klub, bëheshin edhe të famshme më tej duke u ngritur në karrierë.

Sot klubi mbetet një atraksion popullor.

Këto foto tregojnë se si ishte jeta aty një shekull më parë.

Many of the dancers quickly became prominent characters in the infamous nightclubThese included Mistinguett who was said to have insured her legs for 500,000 francsGirls help each other get ready for their performances in 1926, wearing tiny-heeled dancing shoesFrench Painter Henri Toulouse- Lautrec stands with the director of the Moulin Rouge by one of his painted posters advertising the famous clubIn October 1889, Paris was buzzing with the opening of a new music hall which claimed it would become a temple of song and dance - The Moulin RougeMidnight in Paris: Its notorious reputation was fuelled further by the addition of a giant wooden elephant in 1900 which had a room in its belly for intimate dancesLife is a Cabaret: The Moulin Rouge swiftly gained a reputation for its young Parisian girls who performed can-can routines that were as flexible as the rich clients' moralsThe performers had their own dressing rooms to get stage-ready for their flamboyant performances. Here dancers jokes together in 1930Standards were high, with girls' legs strictly measured and selected for the famous can-can dancesPractice makes perfect: Performers from the Moulin Rouge do the splits in the Bois de Boulogne Park, Paris in 1930Day trip: Dancers of famous Paris cabaret show at the Moulin Rouge show off their moves on the Eiffel Tower in September 1929The Hoffman Girls backstage pose smiling backstage before appearing in front of crowds at the Moulin Rouge in Paris on February 19, 1924There were many different patrons of the club, from rich tourists and famous artists, like Post-Impressionist painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, to rowdy localsThe club was popular and nights were regularly packed. During the Nazi occupation of Paris, it was a 'must-visit' for German soldiers residing thereThe Moulin Rouge was owned by businessmen Joseph Oller and Charles Zidler. It was orignally called the White Queen Dance HallThe entertainment site was located in the seedy Quartier Pigalle of Paris and became a notorious entertainment centre. The original building burned down in 1915 but was later rebuiltThe can-can was traditionally performed by a chorus line of female dancers who wear costumes with long skirts, petticoats, and black stockings